Camping, Leanne and David Style

As you might remember from a previous post, Leanne and David are in the process of training and prepping for a cross country bike ride. For the past few months they’ve been biking quite a bit and this weekend they took their first overnight bike trip. Now, an overnight bike trip might not seem like such a big deal, but factor in that they were camping, and everything they needed to camp with had to be brought along via bike. See how that might be a tad difficult? Luckily, due to their REI addiction, they’ve amassed all sorts of fun light weight camping gear and a cute little trailer to pack it in.

So yesterday, they packed it all up, hooked it to their bikes and headed out to a not so far away campsite.  And since I had nothing better to do on a Friday evening, I drove down a little while later with the dog to say hi and take some pictures.  And once they got all their super compact stuff all unpacked, camping Leanne and David style didn’t look so bad (except for having to bike there that is).


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