Bike Stars

A while ago I said I was going to be doing some pictures for my sister’s blog. And yesterday, we finally got around to doing it. You’ll noticed I’ve also conveniently included the link to her blog, in which her latest article mentions me. (Just in case you aren’t going to read it, I’m just going to tell you that I won a prize in the 5k Dog Jog, just not for actually winning…)

Unfortunately we really didn’t have time to go anywhere, so these photos are all them just biking up and down our streets. While we were doing so, we had Latah locked in the truck so she could be near without getting in the way. She has a fun little habit of nipping at the heals of anyone biking.

And then afterward we tried getting a cute shot of Latah and Leanne, which was semi successful. We also got several shots of how Latah feels about Leanne and David leaving her for a few months.


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