Sister, Sister

My sister recently changed her work schedule (and main place of employment) around. Along with figuring out what exactly her new work schedule will be, she also is in the process of figuring out her schedule for other things. Like when her baking time will be. She’s figuring she’ll need about 5 hours a week. Which means lots of pasteries and other delicious food for me.

She’s actually cooking her way through a cookbook (sort of a Julie & Julia thing). So we joked about her starting a blog on her cooking journey and becoming a mom with a blog (although she’s not technically a mom). Not that there’s anything wrong with moms with blogs; I often find stuff I love on mom blogs. It’s just funny thinking about Leanne being one of them.

And then I got this blog, and so she made fun of me for being on my way to becoming a mom with a blog. Which of course I corrected her, because obviously I fall into a whole different stereotype. I’m part of the group of collage age kids with a cameras and dreams of going pro and who blogs about it. I don’t deny being a stereotype though.

But today, Leanne did get a blog. Although it’s not about cooking, or really anything to do with being motherly. Instead of “I’m going to blog about the cute outfits I made for my kid today!” it’s “I’m going to blog about my training for my 3,500 mile bike trip across the country!” Which is pretty cool. So go check that out here.

The best thing about her new blog though, is that she is going to need some awesome pictures to post on it. She already resorted to stealing one off of my other blog. Which means a photoshoot! Wooo! And the awesome thing about living with someone (like my sister and her husband) is that they are constantly around to plan shoots with, so I’m thinking there will actually be multiple photoshoots.

Obviously, there is going to have to be one standard photoshoot, worthy of a bike magazine cover. Subjects all geared up, helmet, sunglasses and the bike shorts, mountainous biking trail in the background and harsh sunlight overhead.

And my next idea (if I can get Leanne and David to agree to it) is the chiche tandem bicyle shoot. With him in khakis and her in a flowy dress, either cyclying along or leaning up against the bike and a tree. Which is kinda perfect since they are doing the bike trip on a tandem bicyle (although it’s the sporty kind, not the romantic, vintage type)!

So hopefully these shoots will be occuring over the next couple of months (the bike trip starts in August). But, I also want to know what your ideas are! What do you think would be a fun photoshoot for a bicyling couple? Or even just for an individual cyclist? Leave some ideas in the comments below and if we like them we may use them!


4 thoughts on “Sister, Sister

  1. You need to pester some of your friends into posting ideas! I think NM 4 would be a good location, maybe along the way to Bandelier. Oh, and you should lay on the road as we bicycle by you, that would be cool. We could even get Latah in on the action, if we went out on a gravel road in the Jemez. Or if we had a sidecar…

    • Apparently I have no friends with ideas 😦 I will lay on the road but only if someone is looking out for cars, I don’t particularly want to get run over, it would probably break my camera.

  2. Fun idea, Leanne’s sister (who I’ve met What about taking your bike to odd locales…for a bike that is. LIke on the rocks at Overlook, on baseball fields, bleachers?? Just an idea from a kinda friend πŸ™‚

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